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Job opportunities as a Mining Inspector and Mining Guards

Keen to look for employment opportunities related to Mining? The main role of a Mining Inspector is to make routine inspections of mining activities and check all aspects of any proposed new mine. With a Class 12 qualification in the science stream, you can get a job as an Assistant Mining Inspector, while with a Graduate Degree in Geology or one in Mining Engineering you can get the post of a Mining Inspector. Then there are posts of Mining Guards, for which passing Class 10 is sufficient. So if you are interested in the field of Mining, it is time to start drawing a road map towards a career as a Mining Inspector in India .

The Chowpatty Cooking Club Book Review - a delicious potpourri!

The Chowpatty Cooking Club is a delightful romp of a novel. It’s the kind of book one would raise in a toast and say, ‘Cheers!’ Set in the tony address of South Bombay’s iconic beachfront, Chowpatty, the story centres around a trio of buddies, Sakina, the story’s raconteur, Zenobia, the Question-Asker and Mehul, the Know-It-All and the parallel friendship between their mothers, Ateka, Freny and Dina respectively. The latter run a Chowpatty Cooking Club, which dishes out weekly snacks with detailed recipes comprising Bohri, Parsi and an unnamed cuisine. The story unfolds in Bombay in the backdrop of the Quit India movement in 1942. Caught up in the patriotic fervour of those times, the kids decide that they, too, must contribute their bit to serve their country. But even as they make plans in between chomping on all the tasty weekly snacks they despair at their mothers who they feel are too immersed in cooking. Little do they know what’s really cooking as author Lubaina Bandukwala dishe