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Govt. College for Women Parade Ground Jammu Basholi, Canvas, Mandala Art Certificate Course

Govt. College for Women (GCW), Jammu which is an autonomous college affiliated to the University of Jammu, invites applications from female students for admission to a short-term Certificate Course in Basholi Art, Canvas Painting & Mandala Art. The course will be conducted at the Art & Craft Centre of the college and will be scheduled if at least 30 candidates enroll for it.

Outhouse Hindi Film Review

Outhouse directed by Sunil Sukthankar and produced by Mohan Agashe, also playing one of the characters, is a charming film on the generational divide. The film was screened last month at the Third Eye Asian Film Festival in Mumbai and Thane, Maharashtra. On the face of it, Outhouse is about two elders, namely Nana, played by Agashe, and Aadima played by Sharmila Tagore who find themselves in conflict over the rightful owner of her grandson Neel’s pet poodle after it goes missing. But within that story arc, the writer, the late Sumitra Bhave, makes the film a gentle paean on urban loneliness, working women’s struggles, the precocity of children, and the fraught terrain of marriages and peripatetic lives.