How to become a social media professional

Are you savvy with social media platforms and how to use them effectively for public relations? You could consider a career as a social media professional, something that has a lot of scope today in the light of the numerous social medial platforms that are used strategically by corporate firms, politicians, educational institutes and professionals.

What you should study
To enter the field of a social media professional, it is highly desirable for you to pursue a degree in media, communication and marketing (see list of a few institutes at the end of this article). A post graduate qualification is even better. However, as a graduate in any stream you can take up this career provided you have a genuine interest in social media.

What skills you need
The most obvious skill which you will need is that of communication. You should be able to communicate with your clients with clarity and, additionally, have the ability to express an idea in comprehensible words. 

Some inclination towards mathematics would be useful too, to be able to create data that involves sums, study statistical data related to social media trends and the like. 

You should be savvy on making the requisite strategic steps to develop a client’s social media account. 

It goes without saying that you should be totally fascinated & passionate about online technology!

Where to start
As a novice in the field, especially if you have no academic background in media & communication, it would be best to launch your own social media group online. Get hands-on experience how to manage a social media account so as to gain expertise in the field. 

You can seek also work opportunities as a trainee in the marketing department of a firm – it could be any firm, any business.

What your work profile would be
Primarily, as a social media pro, you will be managing your client’s social media accounts on a daily basis & sharing with your client traffic data & activity information of those accounts. You will be required to regularly update Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and other social media accounts. 

It is equally essential to be up to date about the latest features & policies of various social media platforms. Basically what you are doing is reaching out to the client’s consumers online.

What salary to expect
As a beginner in the field, you can expect a starting pay of approximately Rs. 10,000+. Once you gain a couple of years of experience and reach the mid-level range, you have great potential to earn even above Rs. 50,000!

Where to study media & communication and marketing courses in India
1. Xavier’s Institute of Communication, Mumbai: Check out their Diploma course in Public Relations and Corporate Communication, which you can purse after graduation. It is a full time course conducted on week days with 28 modules in total.

Fee: Rs.1,88,000.


2. Welinkar Institute of  Management, Mumbai: They offer a 11 month full time Post Graduate Program in Media and entertainment. The modules include learning the  fundamentals and core of all forms of media, both offline and online. A 2 month internship is included.

Fee: Rs. 2.25 lakh (plus taxes as applicable).

Another option is the part-time course for acquiring a Masters in Marketing Management (MMM) for those already having at least 2 years practical experience in PR, marketing research, advertising or other related fields.


3. Sophia Shree Basant Kumar Somani Polytechnic, Mumbai: They offer a Post Graduate Diploma Course in Mass Communications for women only. The course includes learning PR and corporate communication skills as well as communication research methods among other learning modules.


4. South Delhi Polytechnic for Women: This institute offers 1, 2 and3 year Diploma programs in Advertising, PR & Business studies and another program in Media Communications.


5. The Delhi School of Communication: You can pursue a 2 year Integrated Marketing Communications PG diploma program which covers all major aspects of mass media & mass communication technology along with side business perspectives in marketing communication.


6. NIIT Digital Marketing Institute: You can pursue a professional Diploma in Social Media Marketing program, which provides learning modules on digital marketing tactics , social media tools, social media strategies, etc.


7. Symbiosis International University: Graduates can apply for the Masters of Business Administration in Communication Management.  Covers advertising, PR, business statistics, marketing management, digital communication, etc.



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