How to know if a foreign degree is recognized in India

Eager to pursue an educational degree program abroad? Before doing so, you need to not just check the foreign university’s credentials, but also confirm if the degree will be having equivalent validity in India. That is, is the degree on par with a course in India? Will it be acceptable for pursuing a higher level academic program or a professional course or starting a professional practice or taking up a job in India? 

Check list
  • First and foremost, check the norms laid down by the Association of Indian Universities (AIU), which is the official authority that grants equivalence to courses pursued abroad.
  • In order to practice post-qualification of a foreign degree in a particular field (law, architecture, nursing, medicine, etc), you will need to acquire an equivalent certificate from the respective professional council and not the AIU.
  • Duration of the foreign degree program: In case the degree from the foreign university is of a shorter duration than a similar degree awarded in India, then equivalence is granted if the number of semesters/trimesters are exactly matching.
  • Offshore campus program: If the offshore campus is an approved one, then the degree awarded by the foreign university for courses pursued in that campus in other countries is acceptable.
  • Engineering Diploma: An engineering diploma will get equivalence if the Diploma is awarded by an approved or recognized or accredited university.
  • Vocational degrees & other non-degree programs: No equivalence is considered for vocational degrees and such programs like proficiency programs or certificate or diploma-level exams conducted by universities or non-university level bodies.
  • Fast-track degree programs: You may be eager to take up a 2-year degree program awarded by a foreign accredited university. Note that such a fast-track degree will not have equivalence in India.
  • Private candidates: If you complete your education as a private candidate, you will not be issued an equivalence certificate.
  • Acquiring degree through an avenue: If you are awarded a degree by a foreign university after getting admission to the university through a diploma-level institution or some other avenue, then you do not get equivalence. So also you will not get equivalence for distance / open or online degrees.
Acknowledgement: Information in this article is sourced from HT Education, Hindustan Times (Mumbai), dt. 10/02/2016, page 15. Students should regularly read HT Education for useful information related to academics.

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