Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences Online Artificial intelligence Introductory Course

In-depth knowledge and expertise in Artificial Intelligence is an increasingly exciting addition to have on your C.V. Your career prospects can expand exponentially with machine learning. Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts. USA has a unique introductory course on artificial intelligence, in which you will learn to use machine learning in Python.

About the course

The course is over the duration of 7 weeks on the edX online platform, and is a self-paced one, though you are expected to be able to devote between 10 to 30 hours in a week. The medium of instruction and the video transcript is in English. There is no fee for the course, but if you wish to receive a Certificate that has been singed by the instructor and which carries the Logo of the institution, then you have to pay a fee of INR14,548/-.

From learning the basic concepts and algorithms to in-depth knowledge of artificial intelligence principles and its uses in Python systems that will allow you to design your own AI systems, this online course from Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences is one of a kind.

Course Modules

Topics covered in the learning modules include Data Algorithms, Computer Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Programming, Neural Networks, Artificial Intelligence, Python, etc.

Where to enroll

You can check out the details of the course and enroll here for the next online learning session - Online Learning at Harvard University 


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