IGCSE exams information India

The full form of IGCSE is International General Certificate of Secondary Education. IGCSE exams in India are conducted in accordance with the policies of the Cambridge International Examinations Board, U.K. A school could offer the IGCSE curriculum right from the early years to the higher secondary education level. The school can offer a vast combination of subjects, selecting from the 70+ subjects offered by the Board. These subjects also include language courses. Each of the subjects is certified separately.

An IGCSE school conducts written and oral tests for assessing the student as well as coursework and practicals.  A student’s coursework is set & given marks by the school teacher but is also externally moderated by Cambridge.

IGCSE exams India schedule
The IGCSE exams in India are conducted in May-June and then again in October-November (either option can be taken up). The IGCSE May-June exams results are declared in August and the October-November exams results are declared in January.

IGCSE levels as per age
  • Cambridge Primary: 5 to11 years
  • Cambridge Secondary 1: 11to14 years
  • Cambridge Secondary 2: 14 to16 years
  • Cambridge Advanced: 16 to 19 years
Contact Information and Website of IGCSE Board India
Website: http://www.cie.org.uk/
1. IGCSE New Delhi office:
Ph: +91 (11) 422 422 42
Contact person: Rakesh Konjengbam
Email: konjengbam.r@cie.org.uk

2. IGCSE Chennai office
Ph: +91 (44) 28291294
Contact person: Vinayak Sudhakar
Email: sudhakar.v@cie.org.uk


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