How to become a mobile app developer in India

As everybody knows, smartphones (rarely will anybody use the words mobile phone and cell phone now!) are hot-selling products. Obviously, with the way consumers thronging showrooms and expos associated with such talk devices. Talk device? Not really. People seem to use their smartphones rarely for the reason it was first popular, namely calling up people. It is now more of a device for texting messages and browsing the Net. And oh, yes ~ let's not forget that all-important function: using it for apps. This one functionality of the smartphone has created an entire market, not to mention generating employment for those associated with creating, designing and marketing the apps. It is not just apps for games and music, but also for investments, sales, matrimony, etc. There is thus a lucrative career for anybody aiming to become a developer in mobile applications.

Career as a Mobile App Developer

What is the job of a mobile application developer?
The job of a mobile application developer involves software programming which is based a lot on creative skills. So besides, obviously, knowing varied aspects of software programming, you should have a knack of coming up with some useful creative apps which will be successful in the crowded world of apps. Certain companies cater to specific groups of users, at present this being primarily the youth. Hence you need to create apps by thinking from the view of the person it is being made for – what will appeal to them specifically.

What are the skills and traits needed to become a mobile application developer?
As mentioned above, you need software programming skills and creative skills. Besides this, you need to be a team player since mobile apps are generally developed as part of a team. It is not just one individual who will work on an app, but a team of developers. You should also have good communication skills since you need to convey your ideas and explain the apps to a client. If you are working for an oversees client, you need to be prepared to spend late night hours in the office as you may have to communicate with the client via a video conference call.Hence, lots of infinite energy & youthful enthusiasm required!

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a career in mobile application development?
The benefits of being a mobile application developer are really good as far as pay perks are concerned. The monthly salary of a mobile application developer in India generally begins at Rs.10,000/- (this is minimum; it could be Rs.12,000/- to Rs.15,000/- too). Once you get about 3-4 years experience, you are likely to earn upwards of Rs.30,000/- per month, going up to nearly Rs.60,000/-. Once you have over 8 years of experience, then the sky’s not the limit – you can be earning well over Rs.1lakh per month!

As for the downside of this job, well like most software programming jobs, it requires you to be working round the clock especially when you have a deadline to meet. You could well spend days and days on end with little sleep and functioning on sheer adrenaline. Another aspect is that it is unlikely an app is going to be 100% perfect first time round. You will have to re-work and re-work and re-work on it…it could be weeks till a client is fully satisfied. Of course, the app could be outright rejected too & the client takes somebody else’s services. Rotten luck then!

Where to study courses in mobile application development?
In India you can take up a course in mobile application development in some engineering colleges. You can also opt to take up this course at a private training institute/ training center. Here are a few:
(1) Developing Mobile Application using J2ME
Duration: 36 hours
Eligibility: Basic knowledge of distributed or enterprise applications; Familiarity with client/server architecture; Knowledge of core Java concepts, such as classes, packages, interfaces, threads, and sockets; Knowledge of JDBC Technology; Knowledge of J2EE Web components, such as Servlets and JSP; Knowledge of Enterprise JavaBeans components.
(2) Getting started with Android Application Development
Duration: 12 hours
Eligibility: You should have completed the Android Awareness program or have equivalent knowledge + Have knowledge of Core Java and XML, or equivalent knowledge with other OO languages.
(3) Introduction to Android: an open source mobile device platform
Duration: 4 hours
Eligibility: Basic knowledge of computers and various mobile devices
Address: You need to locate the NIIT center in your area which offers the course.
Ph: 1800 – 102 – 6448 / 1800 – 180 – 6448 (Toll Free)

2. Manjara Charitable Trust’s Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology
Affiliation: It is affiliated to the University of Mumbai and approved by All India Council for Technical Education (A.I.C.T.E.), New Delhi.
Course: Bachelor of Engineering with specialization in Computer Engineering
Duration: 4 years, 8 semesters full time course
Eligibility: H.Sc. + common engineering entrance exam as per directions of DTE (Directorate of Technical Education)
Fees: over Rs.2lakh
Seats: 120
Address: Juhu Versova Link Road, behind HDFC Bank,
Versova, Andheri(West),Mumbai - 400 053
Ph: 26707025 / 26 / 27 / 28 [Head of Administration Dept, Dr. Prof. U. V. Bhosle]

3. Bharati Vidyapeeth’s College of Engineering
Affiliation: It is affiliated to the University of Mumbai
Course: Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Science and Engineering).
Duration: 4 years
Eligibility: 10+2 or equivalent from any recognized board + selection as Mumbai University norms.
Fees: not known
Seats: not known
Address: Bharati vidyapeeth College of Engineering,
Sector-7, Belpada,
Near kharghar railway station,
Navi mumbai- 400614
Ph: 022 2757 2140

4. Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University
Course: Bachelor of Science in Mobile Application Development.
Duration: 3 years
Eligibility: 10+2 or equivalent. In addition, you have to appear for the entrance BVU-AMCET if you have not appeared for CAT / MAT / MH-CET / ATMA / BVU-CET. This is followed by a personal interview and group discussion.
Fees: Rs. 2,65,000/-
Seats: 90
Address: Architecture Building, 2ndfloor, Bharati Vidyapeeth Campus,
Dhankawadi - 411043
Ph: 24368316/ 24372867

Naturally, these are just a few. Check out the Net for more.

Learning mobile application development with Apple
Those who are currently in the industry state that the courses you do may not give barely basic skills in mobile application development. Some experts feel that it is a good idea to enroll for a foreign university course in this field if you have the financial means. Searching on the Net, I came across Apple’s iOS Developer Program where you can create an iOS application for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch gadgets. When you register for this program (annual fee is $99) you are given access the iOS Dev Center which incorporates useful resources including videos, technical documentation, sample codes, etc. Check out the requirements needed to enroll for this program and also check out the other development programs at:

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