Oxford Summer Courses subjects and fees

Oxford Summer Courses has been established by a group of dedicated Oxford alumni. The privately operated company & the courses it offers are not affiliated or directly related to Oxford University. However, the tutorial system is much akin to the Oxford system & the teaching staff are those who themselves have studied at Oxford University. Also, the learning process will take place at college venues which are part of the university and the accommodation provided belongs to various colleges which make up the University of Oxford.

Subjects offered

Biology: Introduces you to Darwin’s theory of evolution, explains the cells and genes which contribute to the development of organisms, gives an understanding of the relationship between an eco-system and its inhabitants, etc.

Chemistry: Areas of learning include Alcohols and carbonyls, Aromatic chemistry, etc. You are free to select your options on topics within the subject, such as Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Biochemistry, Mathematics for Chemistry, etc. However this is not a rigid selection. You can decide to focus on some other area of Chemistry & simply contact your tutor and mention it before the start of the course.

Physics: You can select areas of study related to Electronics, Geophysics, Mechanics, Relativity & Thermodynamics, etc

Medicine: The course covers medical biology & other subjects like anatomy, as well as the ethical aspects of this field.

Mathematics: There are various disciplines of mathematics which are available, such as Linear Algebra, Statistics, Mathematical Finance, Calculus, Philosophy of Mathematics, etc.

Economics & Business: You will learn how markets work, how businesses succeed or fail in the economic situations which prevail, effect of policies on the development of the economy, etc.

International Relations: The course incorporates both theoretical & empirical perspectives & involves case studies.

Politics: Political History, Political Institutions & Political Theory are the areas covered in this course.

History: You can take up the study of the aspects of ancient, medieval and modern history. You will hone your debating skills during this course & will be submitting a weekly essay on the topic you selected.

Classical Civilisation: You will be studying about the political, cultural and other aspects of Roman and Greek civilizations.

English Literature: For this course you can focus on your own area of literary interest – it could be a contemporary novel or poetry or works of Shakespeare. You can even combine different topic areas.  

Philosophy: You will be learning various types of philosophical studies, such as Ethics, Aesthetics, Epistemology, etc.

Theology: You will be introduced to the basis of the Christian religion & the texts that formed the basis for its development. You will also get a chance to study other religious doctrines.

Law: Various general themes which form the basis of legal topics will be the focus of this course. The specific topic dealing with a particular aspect of law which interests you can also be taken up (e.g. jurisprudence or civil law).

Geography: You will study and debate upon the various challenges facing today’s world. Seminars will be conduced as well as one-on-one tutorials will be offered on the area which interests you, such as Environmental Geography, Regional Geography,etc.

Creative Writing: The tutors will help you develop writing techniques similar to those of the greatest creative writers.  

For any other subject other than those listed above, you are free to contact directly at: http://www.oxfordsummercourses.com/other-please-contact-us-directly/

Venue location of Oxford Summer Courses
Somerville College, Woodstock Road, Oxford, OX2 6HD Oxford

Note: Oxford Summer Courses is not affiliated with Somerville College but makes use of its facilities over the summer period.

Eligibility Requirements for admissions to Oxford Summer Courses progams
  • You must have a genuine, demonstrable passion for your subject. 
  • You will need to write a personal statement + send a letter of commendation from a tutor or teacher to secure your place on Oxford Summer Courses.
  • You will need to have English proficiency.
  • Your age will determine which course you take up. 
Cost of Courses
Every year, the price of the courses may differ. For 2013, the price is £3,195. This includes:
- All teaching, including one-to-one tutorials
- Accommodation + daily breakfast
- Evening meals at local restaurants from Monday to Thursday
- A 3-course college banquet on Friday evening
- All cultural activities in Oxford and further afield
Note: The price mentioned is not inclusive of flights or airport transfers.

Date of Oxford summer couses: 2 week sessions from 30th June to 13th July and 14th July to 27th July. If you attend both sessions, the special price is a special price of £6,195.

Contact Information  

Ph: +44 (0)845 0519296

Website: http://www.oxfordsummercourses.com/


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