International School Aamby academic curriculum, fees and facilities

The International School Aamby (ISA) has been established by the Sahara India Parivar group. It is located in Aamby Valley City, about 3-4 hours distance from Mumbai. The school is a co-educational residential school offering education from Std. III to Std.XII.  International faculty helps to create a global experience in academics and the unique Korean language program attracts students from Korea.

ISA School Academics Features
1. Primary School: Students develop skills & acquire knowledge as per the International Primary Curriculum (IPC), through various stages. 
  • At the kindergarten level they acquire basic literacy skills and learn numbers. 
  • In Std. 1 and 2 the student learns reading, writing & math skills. 
  • In Std. 3 & 4, the student’s potentials are further developed.
  • Std. 5 & 6 are the final years of primary school.
2. Middle School: This comprises of the years of Std. 7 to Std. X. Students are exposed to a broader academic curriculum.

3. Senior School: In Std.XI and XII, students are given a choice of various subjects to take up.
  • First language choice: English or Korean
  • Second language choice: Hindi, English or French
  • Mandatory subject: Mathematics + one science (biology, physics, Chemistry or environmental systems and societies).
  • Other subjects offered: Business and management and/or economics, History, Psychology, Information Technology in a Global Society (ITGS) and computer science.
Co-curricular activities
  • Visual Arts
  • Theatre
  • Fine Arts
  • Community Service programs, such as in an orphanage, working on an environmental project, etc
General Life at the School
After rising early in the morning, students undertake physical activities, followed by classroom hours. There is supervised study preparation after the regular class hours. Structured sports activities are encouraged during the weekends alongside community service programs and usage of facilities in Aamby Valley.

School Facilities and Infrastructure
The ISA school is located on a 22.5 acre campus. The students can avail of the facilities of Aamby Valley City, including its golf course, equestrian center, adventure centre and water sports. Extra fees are charged for instructors.
  • Classrooms equipped with interactive whiteboards
  • Science Laboratories
  • Music room
  • Art room
  • Library
  • Catering Centre
  • 2 hostels for boys & 1 for girls
  • Gym
  • Sports facilities are available for: Cricket, Basketball, Tennis, Football, Badminton, Squash, Swimming, Water Sports, Beginner’s Golf, other outdoor sports.
  • 24hrs security
  • 24hrs hospital
School Fees
The official website does not list the fee amount. Parents can opt for a fee payment plan from these options: Annual, Half-yearly, Quarterly. Note that the plan selected will include Compulsory Components, Annual Fees and Additional Fees. There are separate fees to cover other expenses, such as the International Award expedition and fees for various Sports Academies (Golf, Tennis, Dance, etc).

School Scholarship
The school offers one academic merit-based scholarship each academic year. This scholarship is awarded to a student in Standard 12 for demonstrated academic success. The scholarship covers the Standard 12 Annual Tuition Fee (Weekly or Full Board) for the specified current academic year only. It does not include any fees or costs other than the Annual Tuition Fee.

Eligibility requirements: The scholarship is awarded based on the student's: (i)Performance on ISA Entrance Tests; (ii) School Reports for most recently completed two academic years (including IGCSE or similar external results); (iii) Completion of all admissions requirements; (iv) Student Essay and (v) Completed Scholarship Application Form.

ISA Contact Information
International School Aamby
Aamby Valley City
Ambavane, District – Pune,
Maharashtra 410 401
Telephone: +91 – 20 - 39102500

Application form for admission:

Other requisite forms:


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