How to start a career as a computer network specialist in India

With practically everything centered on and around computers, the demand for people with an expertise in computers will always be there in the job market. The job prospects are especially great in the field of computer networking as digitising of operations is very much on the agenda of any business. Find out from this article how you can launch yourself into the career of a network specialist.

What is computer networking?
A computer network could be a local area network (LAN) which is associated with connecting individual computers or it could be a wide area network (WAN), which is associated with connecting various networks perhaps across different geographical regions.

What all does a computer networking specialist do?
Your work role is centered on hardware and network issues, more likely providing solutions through remote monitoring. 

You could be working on: 
  • Installing LAN and/or WAN
  • Management and maintenance of the networks
  • Dealing with problems such as a connectivity failure or a virus infection
How much salary to expect?
The salary will naturally depend on your skills. You are likely to begin as a trainee and work up the ladder to the supervisory level. You may get a starting pay ranging approximately between Rs.10,000/- to Rs.12,000/- and higher with more experience and certification.

What are the educational qualifications required to be a computer networking specialist?
You need to have a graduate degree. A degree in engineering would be extremely useful. However, note that it is not absolutely essential to have an engineering or science degree. Students who have graduated in Arts can also become expert computer networking specialists! 

What is necessary is to take up a good diploma course at the post graduate level which is related to the field of computer networking. You could do a hardware course or even a diploma in electronics & video engineering.

What are the skills required?
  • Very good problem-solving & trouble-shooting skills to be able to deal with just about anything, from a minor technical problem to a major virus attack.
  • You not only need to have a deep interest in technology and enthusiasm for it, but also be up to date with keeping up with current technological advances & trends.
  • You do need to be physically & mentally strong to work for long hours, perhaps even having to do night shifts.

Where to study to become an expert computer networking specialist?
Two of the most well-known institutes to pursue courses in this field are NIIT ( and Jetking (


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