Maharashtra schools competency tests format and schedule

The Maharashtra State Government has introduced a series of competency tests for all schools in the State. The aim of these tests is to measure the learning skills of students, namely reading, writing and understanding of the subject. The tests are for students from Class 1 to Class 8 and will be in addition to the regular exams that are currently existing.

Test format and schedule
There will be 3 tests during the academic year. A baseline test will be the first, to be conducted between 24th August and 31st August. This test will be measuring the learning levels of the students on the previous year’s syllabus for Maths and First Language. 

The question paper for the first test will be same for all students of all education boards, including ICSE, CBSE and international schools too. For subsequent tests, the education department may allow schools to design their own tests. Third parties may conduct the test in some schools.
Results of the test will be informed to all schools at the end of August, by 30th of that month. Depending on the performance of the students, the school will get individual ratings (see below). The Government education department feels that then schools can accordingly plan on improving the learning levels based on the test results.

Grades for Schools
Based on the performance of its students, a school will get a rating from A to D as follows:
  • A Grade: 81% to 100%
  • B Grade: 61% to 80%
  • C Grade: 41% to 60%
  • D Grade: 0 to 40% 
The school scores calculation:
Sum total of all the scores of all students x 100 / number of students x maximum marks of test

Important dates
  • Baseline test for classes 2 to 8: between 24th August and 31st August 2015
  • Training for teachers: September 1st to 30th. Note that teachers can approach a centre-in-charge for providing training and the request will be forwarded to the divisional head of the District.
  • First summative test to be held at the end of the first semester: October 16th to October 31st 2015
  • Second summative test based on what students learned up to that point: April 1st to April 15th 2015
For further details you can contact the School Education and Sports Department, Government of Maharashtra

Toll free Help Line No.: 18002331899



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