Deadlines for applying to study abroad

For admission to various universities to pursue your studies abroad, you should be aware of the general schedule, namely knowing the dates by which you you should apply. This post provides some useful information in this regard with regard to the deadlines for a few countries. Before you read further, though, a useful alert: How to know if a foreign degree is recognized in India.

For undergraduate applications: 31st December

The application procedure differs from one university to another. Canadian universities do not need SAT/ACT scores. Work visa policies are available for foreign graduates.

Applying through UCAS to UK colleges, deadline: January 15
  • Prepare a personal statement and obtain academic reports from your school.
  • Choose 5 colleges which offer the course which is of interest to you and apply to all 5 with one UCAS application. As compared to US and Canada, you can pursue courses in UK which are of 3 years duration. 
1. National University of Singapore: March 1st is deadline for October intake

2. Nanyang Technological University: April 1st is deadline for August intake.

In general, May 31st is the deadline for July intake. Apply in November or December for the February intake.

Hong Kong
At Hong Kong University of Technology and Science (for technical education): Mid-November is deadline for early round of application. January 15 is deadline for main round of application for September intake.

The deadline is January 15 for studying in Germany for the summer term which runs from March/April through August/September, as per the course you are applying for.


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