CAT 2016 special initiatives for PWD candidates

The Indian Institute of Management, Bengaluru has announced some special initiatives for students who are applying for CAT-2016 in the category of Persons with Disability (PWD).

The changes
1. On the first day of CAT 2016, a PWD candidate will get prior access to the test venue for the registration process. The candidate will be allowed inside 15 minutes before the other candidates.

2. At each test centre which has been assigned to PWD candidates will have a coordinator to help PWD candidates with the registration process and other requisite help.

3. For questions in CAT-2016 that involve visual aspects, such as a graph, a map or a picture, alternate questions of equal difficulty will be provided for PWD candidates with visual disability.

Additional changes for all candidates:
From 1st to 5th October 2016,candidates who submitted their CAT-2016 application can correct mistakes in their application. They can correct: percentage of marks, work experience and programmes selected. No other details can be corrected. These options will be available on the CAT application form webpage.


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