Application for Coursera and HEC Paris Master’s in Innovation and Entrepreneurship online degree program

HEC Paris, a reputed European business school, has teamed up with online education company Coursera to offer the very first fully online international degree program, namely Master’s in Innovation and Entrepreneurship (OMIE).  Whether you wish to push ahead your existing business with product innovations or launch a new business venture, this program is for you! The flexible format is just ideal for business professionals. 

Eligibility requirements
1. Academic qualification: You must have a Bachelor's Degree 

2. Experience: You should have at least 5 years work experience

3. English skills: You must be proficient in English. GMAT / GRE qualification are recommended, but not mandatory

Important note: You will be required to submit a potential project idea as part of your application.

Brief features of the program
1. Certificate foundation courses
You initially will study foundation courses, on the successful completion of which will get you a Certificate in Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship issued by HEC Paris. You can pursue these courses as per your own schedule and you need not apply to the full degree program. You have the option to credit these courses towards your degree.  This certificate program is open for all, but it would be ideal that you have at least several years of professional experience.

Curriculum course topics: creativity and innovation, new product development, entrepreneurial strategy and scaling up your business.

2. Project work
You will complete a six-month project-based curriculum taught by HEC Paris faculty. 

Curriculum course topics: design thinking, teamwork, business planning, negotiations and start-up financing

3. Alumni status and seed funding
On successful completion of the program, you will be part of the alumni network of HEC Paris, with the wonderful opportunity to apply for initial funds and support from the HEC Paris accelerator program.

Program Fee
  • Tuition for the overall degree program = 20,000 EUR. 
  • Certificate program by itself = 5,000 EUR (this can be credited towards the degree tuition upon acceptance into the program.)

How to apply
You can either apply directly to the full program or begin first with the certificate program and apply for the degree program later. 

  • Registration for Specializations and Certificate will start in May 2017.
  • Specializations will be available starting in September 2017.
Refer for complete details at: Coursera OMIE Program

For application form: Online application for Coursera OMIE Program


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