University of South Florida Global free Summer Internship Programme February 2019

Searching for opportunities for a free summer internship programme in business analytics and information systems in USA? The University of South Florida (USF), Tampa invites applications for its summer internship programmes in Business Analytics and Information Systems (BAIS). Those who pursue this programme will initially take up the residency section which forms the first part of the programme at Muma College of Business, USF. The second part of the internship will be at the student's home institution. The last date to submit the application is 10th Februray, 2019.

About the programme
The duration of the programme is eight weeks, from 15th May 2019 to 15th July 2019. 

Programme cost: Free. A stipend will be offered for living expenses. Please refer to the USF website to know what all the scholarship covers for the internship.

During the first part, which is the residiantial part at the USF Tampa campus, you will work under the mentorship of BAIS faculty on research activities which are focused on issues that are of mutual interest and related fields at USF. Once you complete the residence, you will continue the research activity in your home institution.

As part of the programme, you may also get the opportunity to attend a graduate class in the sponsoring Department of USF.

The selected student should be pursuing an undergraduate degree in Computer Science or related program at a leading institution in the home country, and should have completed 3/4th of the program (i.e., at the end of the 3rd year in a 4-year Bachelor degree program) before attending the summer research internship.

How to apply 
Submit your application online, but before doing so, you should read the instructions on the content required to be prepared in advance. For example, you will need to answer certain questions related to your goals and the courses you would be keen on attending, the relevant mark sheets, your resume, etc.

Online application to be submitted at:

Website for more details of the programme: 


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