Prof. Saroj Sood Scholarship for free college education for poor students

Bollywood actor Sonu Sood recently announced the Prof. Saroj Sood education scholarship in his mother’s name. 

Taking up his mother’s wish that everyone should have an equal opportunity for happiness, he will provide financial support for higher studies for students from families with low income who cannot afford the high college fees and are going through tough times studying online due to Net connectivity issues and not having a decent device to even attend the online classes.

The announcement of the scholarship was made by Sonu Sood at his Instagram account. The image conveys that the country will progress when everyone studies (is educated). Students in all fields of college education are eligible to put in a request for financial assistance through the scholarship. 

Eligibility requirements

There are only two basic criteria-

1. You must have a good academic record, and 

2. You should be from an underprivileged family.

Streams and subjects for which applications can be made

The scholarship will be given to any stream and discipline, including-

  • Management Studies
  • Education and Technology
  • Design and Innovation
  • Hotel Management
  • Airlines & Tourism
  • Paramedical Sciences
  • Healthcare Science
  • MBBS
  • Law
  • Agriculture

The above is not a comprehensive list, and, as mentioned, students enrolled in a college course of any subject/stream can apply.

How to apply

All you need to do is send an email directly to Sonu Sood within 10 days of his announcement at

Full details at:

[Images courtesy: Instagram account of Sonu Sood]


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