Online writing course - learn from Ruskin Bond how to become an author

Eminent Indian author Ruskin Bond brings an opportunity to those seeking his guidance and expertise on writing through an online writing course through Unlu, which is an online learning platform that offers pre-recorded video sessions of various certified courses. Starting from understanding the purpose of becoming a writer, you will be comprehending the qualities of a good writer, how to develop ideas into a well-formed plot, understand how reading plays a role, and get an insight into many more other aspects that are encapsulated in this online writing course taught by Ruskin Bond. 

About the course

The course has 28 lessons of pre-recorded sessions, with a total of three hours and 32 minutes. A session may be of just two to three minutes, while a couple of them are about 10-12 minutes. 

The 28 lesson plans are-

  1. Why write
  2. Ruskin Bond's journey
  3. Finding the writer in you
  4. Structuring of the book
  5. Building characters
  6. Simple thoughts to polished ideas
  7. Using your surroundings
  8. Influences
  9. Writer's block
  10. First to final draft
  11. Editing and publishing
  12. Book titles and cover design
  13. Marketing and criticism
  14. Rights after publishing
  15. Power of observation
  16. Importance of research
  17. Importance of reading
  18. Qualities of a good writer
  19. Part-time writer vs full-time writer
  20. Creating your niche
  21. How to handle success
  22. Short stories vs Novels
  23. Writing by hand
  24. The world through the window
  25. Case study
  26. Genres to explore
  27. Writers don't retire
  28. Conclusion

Course fee: Rs.999/- (this is a discounted offer) 

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