Next Gen Scientists Foundation Funding for Internship Programs in Life Sciences

It is always great to see people who were once students themselves reaching out to current students to provide financial support through a collaborative venture. The Next Gen Scientists Foundation (NGSF) is one such venture, a non-profit organization established by the alumni of Anna University, Chennai, Tamil Nadu. The NGS Foundation is offering financial support for undergraduates and postgraduates taking up a research-based internship in the field of life science under the guidance of a Principal Investigator (PI) at select Indian institutes. The goal is to provide financial support to interns enrolled in traditional unpaid internships without fees. However, NGSF does not offer any kind of direct internship. The intern should be someone who has already received the opportunity to intern with a PI.

NGSF Internship Funding Highlights

Core Field: Life Sciences

Type: On-site internships, that is, on the campus of select institutes.

An additional facility this year (for 2024): A remote internship in Computational Biology (only up to a maximum of 20% of the final selected candidates will be considered).

Duration: The internship can be over 2 to 3 months between May and July 2024, as per the convenience of the student and the PI.

Internship Institute: While you can take up the internship in any institute in India, it is advised to do so from the list of select institutes as recommended by the Foundation. See the full list here-

Amount: You will receive a stipend of Rs. 6000/- per month for an on-site internship and Rs. 3000/- for a remote internship for up to three months upon satisfying requirements. For an on-site internship, you will also receive reimbursement toward travel up to the cost of a III-Class AC train ticket (round-trip).

A bonus benefit: You may get further support for your Bachelor's/Master's thesis research work after the internship program with a stipend of Rs. 6000/- per month for up to six months on fulfilling the required eligibility criteria at that time.

Essential requirements

1. The PI has to fill in an internship joining letter that you should scan and send to NGSF. This is for receipt of the first month's stipend. 

2. A week before you start the second month of the internship, you should submit a write-up for the NGS blog to receive the stipend for that month, and fill up the internship continuation letter. 

3. A report on the progress of the work in the internship should be submitted within the last week of the second or third month as applicable.

4. The research work and feedback about your experience should be presented at the end of the internship period in the NGS Interns webinar. This requirement is essential to receive the Internship Completion Certificate and travel reimbursements.

Eligibility criteria

Educational Profile: You should either be a student in the second year of a 3-year undergraduate program or a student in the second/third year of a 4-year undergraduate program or a student in the first year of a 2-year Master's program or a student in the second/third/fourth year of a 5-year integrated program at an Indian institute.

Research Interest: You should be keen to enroll for an internship associated with Life Sciences for 2 or 3 months, that is, a minimum of 56 days/maximum of 84 days.

Research Admission: You should have received acceptance to work in the lab of a Principal Investigator (PI) in any Indian Institute outside of your institute of study. That is, the PI should not be from the same institute/university where you are doing your degree.

However, the internship should not be one where you have to pay a fee for it. Also, you are not eligible to apply if you are getting any kind of financial assistance from the PI and/or any other sources such as KVPY, INSA, JNCASR, IIT, IISER, etc.

Application procedure

You have to submit your application online at

However, before applying, do ensure that you fulfill all the required criteria and meet the essential requirements. Don't forget to go through the research proposal guidelines as well.

Important Dates for 2024 Funding

Applications should be submitted by 31st March 2024, up to 12 midnight.

Selected candidates will be interviewed via Skype and the results will be announced in April 2024.

The internship period will be from May to July 2024.

The NGS Foundation's Interns' Webinar will be scheduled in August 2024.

Contact information

You can send queries by email to  

However, it will be quicker to have direct communication with the NGSF Team through their online network- 

Website: Next Gen Scientists Foundation Internship Program


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